Over-the-Air-Provisioning requires multiple components at a server system and a device client. This page gives references to defined standards and describes identified components and their responsibility.


Client Provisioning is an open and widely used standard to provision client devices. Leading mobile manufacturers and service providers support this standard.

OMA Client Provisioning

SyncML is an open standard supporting two-way communication between server and clients. It requires a preconfiguration to connect to the server, but enables enhanced possibilities to solve user problems.

SyncML Device Management

The settings database is the place to store your knowledge about the various configurations and devices. These information are in general independant and merged by a document creator or session handler.


Settings database

Configuration settings may be send through a variety of bearers, connection-oriented or connectionless, and over different protocols. Standards are OTAP over GSM-SMS and SyncML DM over HTTP.

Protocol and Bearer

This component is responsible to transfer the destination device independent knowledge of the settings database into a device dependant document.

Document Creator

The document parser is a software that needs to run on the device to read settings  from the settings document. It is possible to use a generic Java implementation and integrate it to the device specific settings.

Document Parser