Lars Rademacher


About me...

phone:      +49 (2182) 886381

mail:         info@otap.de

In may 2003 I started a project to design and implement an OTAP client for Siemens mobile phones. The client was compliant to the Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning standard version 1.1.  The project included the application layer to receive, store, authenticate and process configuration documents and the according user interface. During the operational phase I experienced the requirements and problems of companies using OTAP services.  The solution was able to provision settings for one application.

By this experience I have been ordered in August 2004 to design an advanced second version of the OTAP client and lead a developer team during the design, implementation and maintenance phases. The solution was extended to provision complete configuration contexts including settings for all device applications and possibilities to create rules for dynamic connections to proxies and network access points.

At December 2005 I took over the end-to-end responsibility for settings over the air at BenQ mobile. This included all issues regarding the provisioning of device settings starting with the server sending correct settings ending with the device receiving and installing them.